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Who We Are

Founded by veteran Fortune senior editors Pattie Sellers and Nina Easton, SellersEaston Media captures and curates the stories behind the lives, times, and accomplishments of successful organizations and individuals. With decades of experience interviewing and writing about CEOs and other leaders—in print, on video, on stage—we understand what matters most is impact: how you make a difference in the world, how ideas change lives, and how a life well lived gives meaning to others. Working with clients to shape and communicate their stories for their select audiences, we help them pass on core values and wisdom to perpetuate success and build legacies. The client controls and owns the content we create.

Our Team

Pattie Sellers

Sellers|Easton Media Co-CEO

SellersEaston Media Co-CEO Pattie Sellers is an award-winning writer, producer, and multimedia journalist.

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Nina Easton

Sellers|Easton Media Co-CEO

SellersEaston Media Co-CEO Nina Easton is a bestselling author, magazine writer, and TV commentator.

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Nicole Didda

Managing Director

Managing Director Nicole Didda works primarily with SellersEaston’s corporate clients to raise the caliber of their communications, messaging, and leadership storytelling.

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Dawn O'Brien

General Manager and VP Client Services

Dawn O’Brien brings over 30 years of project management experience to SellersEaston Media, where she oversees day-to-day operational functions for the company.

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Jenny McQuaile

Impact Producer

Jenny McQuaile is an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

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Josh Lewin


Josh Lewin is a longtime national radio and television sportscaster and multimedia journalist.

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