Port of Destiny, produced by SellersEaston Media partner Nina Easton and SVP Kelly Laferriere, chronicles President Santos’ arduous journey toward brokering a peace agreement that ended 50 years of civil war. Easton and Laferriere traveled to Bogota, spending days inside the presidential palace interviewing Santos, his family, and top officials, as well as flying into former guerrilla-controlled territory to speak with victims. SellersEaston partner Pattie Sellers interviewed Bill Clinton for the film, and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is also featured, providing global perspective on Santos' historic journey and his legacy.

The documentary was directed by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Robert Abbott, whose bilingual crew used drones and other state-of-the-art equipment to build out the film’s rich visuals and riveting narrative.

The 2016 Colombian peace accord divided the country and came at a steep political cost to President Santos and his legacy. But SellersEaston brought journalistic credibility, insightful interviewing, and global affairs knowledge to this life-story documentary, enabling this world leader to assume his rightful place in the historical record as a man of rare courage, determination, and vision. Santos transformed Colombia into a magnet for investment and tourism, offering both hope and lessons for solving other violent conflicts around the world.

Courtesy: Georgetown University
Nina Easton with former Colombia President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos

Georgetown University screening and conversation with former Colombia President