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SellersEaston Media produces premier-quality documentaries that are thought-provoking, timely, and enduring. Working with prominent directors (including Oscar and Emmy Award winners), we tell stories of leadership and global impact with journalistic integrity and cinematic visual style.

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We take an idea from inception to impact, with a focus on outreach and global distribution. We identify audiences, scope potential funders and distributors, shape the story, and bring on award-winning directors. We collaborate with experts across production, publicity, advocacy, and distribution. Our films appear on premium media platforms, at film festivals, in educational venues, and through impact campaigns that connect our content with global audiences.

Acclaim for Port of Destiny: Peace


“Poignant and courageous.”

Barbara Kopple, two-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Cabin Creek Films

“Magnificent. Such an appealing, compelling and articulate subject—yet it's the storytelling that makes the documentary so rich."

Lesley Stahl, Correspondent, 60 Minutes, CBS News

“Outstanding. I am astounded by the quality of the script, camera shots, editing, and nuanced points both about the politics and the peace."

Lyndsay Howard, senior analyst for foreign policy, Bloomberg LP

“Riveting drama. Brilliantly captures the determination and courage of President Juan Manuel Santos in ending 50 years of civil war in Colombia. Shows the political price Santos had to pay on his way to winning the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Jonathan Powell, former chief British negotiator in Northern Ireland

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