Your Legacy


Freeman Companies Chairman Donald S. Freeman
and his wife, Beverley.

Communication, studies show, is the key to preserving and building wealth as it passes from generation to generation. By helping you capture your story—shape the narrative, frame lessons learned, and provide context to your life and times—we enable you to most effectively share your story, and the attendant wisdom and core values, with your loved ones and the generations who come after. Your story becomes a unique gift that keeps on giving—and potentially the most valuable investment you’ll ever make.

Nina Interview
Nina Easton with Sybil Hadel Morial, Author and
Civil Rights Leader.

There are many ways to capture your story, and the choice is yours. We can interview you on camera, expertly capturing the story of your life and career and family on film. We can produce a film documentary about you or your family, with photos, narration, and music. We can write a top-quality magazine-style profile—for you to own and share as you wish. We can package your story, with your photos, in an “illustrated memoir”—an elegant custom-published coffee table book. We also offer “Serial Storytelling” – interviewing you and your family once a year to capture life stories in progress, as children grow up and as parents grow wiser.

Whatever form your story takes, we work with you to identify the essence of your story and your impact that will help you perpetuate your success—and enable the next generations to learn from you and your experiences. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, anniversary, or simply wishing to create a modern family portrait, we give you our unparalleled expertise and utmost care to help you tell your story in the best way possible. Always, the client owns the content that we create and controls the distribution.


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