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What’s your story? Today’s corporate culture demands transparency and authenticity. To succeed, you need to know your story, control your story, and know how to communicate it.

At SellersEaston—where founders Pattie Sellers and Nina Easton have decades of experience interviewing and profiling the world’s greatest leaders—we understand how the most successful people navigate, lead, and communicate. Whether you are giving a speech, seeking a new opportunity, celebrating a milestone, or offering a staged talk in your area of expertise, we work with executive clients to identify and communicate their most valuable personal assets, the essence of their talent, and the narrative of their career.

Applying our keen understanding of what makes certain leaders excel, we provide a variety of ways to help executives effectively communicate their stories. Our video resume and corporate biography services present the story of an executive’s life and career, featuring career highlights that can be sent to recruiters. Our staged talk services combine our writing expertise with on-stage coaching, so that the end result includes passion, drama, visuals, and value. Lastly, our executive documentary films feature filmed interviews with a client and colleagues, with photos and music and narration. Video clips can be used for a variety of purposes such as promoting events and introducing speeches.


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