Your Brand

freeman_vid Here is a short clip we produced for the
Freeman Company on its 90th anniversary.

Today, in the era of social media and fake news, it is critical to take control of your story, and own it. If you don’t define yourself and your organization, somebody else will. We work with you to craft your authentic story and message for the audience you want to reach—such as employees, investors, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. We invest in your story the same expertise that we have brought to our profiles and interviews with renowned leaders such as Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Howard Schultz, to name a few. With a deep understanding of what makes leaders and companies excel, we help you shape and communicate your story to anchor your brand, drive growth, and enhance your company’s value.

There are many ways to work with SellersEaston. We can interview you and the principals in your organization on camera, to capture your story of growth and evolution, along with lessons in leadership and innovation. We can produce a film documentary about your company, with photos, narration, and music. We can do an authoritative magazinestyle profile—written with journalistic expertise by renowned veterans of Fortune Magazine. We can package your story, with your photos, in an elegant custom-published book that you can display in your offices and share with employees, customers, and investors. Always, you own the content that we create for you. You control the distribution. And if you desire, we’ll bring in social media experts in corporate storytelling to help you reach the audience that you want to reach.


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