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How SellersEaston Media tells your story

There are many ways to tell your story: in video, in print, online, and even in person. SellersEaston Media works with you to figure out the best approach to reach your select audience.



SellersEaston Media formats for your consideration:
Film Biography. An exquisitely crafted, well-researched, and credible narration of a person or family or organization that includes filmed interviews with you and designated friends, family, or colleagues. Archival photos, as well as custom-produced photography, and other historical material can help tell the story. SellersEaston Media principals, hands-on throughout, work with top-tier directing and editing talent to produce the film biography.

Serial Storytelling. Capture your family’s story on film each year as children grow and lives change. Through filmed interviews and conversations, SellersEaston Media’s serial storytelling service offers a unique way to record special moments before they pass—and preserve not only memories but life lessons as well. This is a modern, multimedia version of the family portrait: If a picture is worth a thousand words, SellersEaston Media gives you not only the visuals but the inspiring words on film as well.

The SellersEaston Media Newsmaker Interview. Recognizing that the achievements, insights, and views of our clients should be part of the historical record, SellersEaston Media offers an hour-long “TV-style” interview. Experts at bringing out the best in prominent leaders—from CEOs and entrepreneurs to U.S. senators and cabinet secretaries—SellersEaston Media’s principals sit down with you for a filmed one-on-one interview. Your recording of your life and insights is an autobiographical treasure to pass on to the people most important to you.

Company/enterprise documentary. This narrative film captures the “story” of an enterprise—before key executives retire and the story of their essential leadership, grit, and determination is lost. SellersEaston Media partners have decades of experience and exceptional interviewing skills to help leaders communicate their vision, bring enterprise success stories to life, and present these stories in captivating and credible form.

Custom-filmed interview. SellersEaston Media principals come to your office, home, or a location of your choice to conduct and film carefully researched interviews with you and the people important to you. We explore the roots of your organization’s success and the essence of your legacy. The final product is a compelling and crisply edited filmed interview, which we can help you share with the audience you want to reach.

Magazine-style profile. A 5,000- to 10,000-word article, modeled on classic Fortune or New Yorker magazine profiles, that tells your story through the written word, based on extensive research and interviews with you and others important to you. This profile can be packaged as a photo-rich online experience or mini-book.


Illustrated book. An elegant photo production with 1,000 to 3,000 words of “wraparound” story that chronicles your life, based on research and interviews, and draws on our access to the world’s top photographers. SellersEaston Media matches poetic prose with evocative photos.

Autobiography. Your own story, narrated by you, in the format of your choice—a first-person magazine-style article, a self-narrated film, or an illustrated book that features photos from your life—and your words. SellersEaston Media helps you compose and present your story in the most elegant, credible, and inspiring way.


Your Story as Podcast. SellersEaston Media helps you craft your story—including career lessons and advice—in the form of a podcast. SellersEaston Media principals interview you; then, we edit the audio, add music of your choice, and create a podcast or podcast series that you can upload to the Internet or share with your select audience.


Your Story as a Stage Talk. SellersEaston Media’s principals know how to dig deep to your essence—and engage your audience. SellersEaston Media helps you make a powerful impression on stage by writing or helping you write your stage talk, and we coach you to deliver it in the most captivating and inspiring way.


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