May 7, 2017

No Great Leader Was Born That Way

Pattie Sellers and I are delighted to announce that we are now an approved service provider for Global Family Office Community, enabling today’s high-achieving families to capture and pass their legacies on to future generations. You can find the news here, and here.

As today’s top family offices and financial advisers so keenly understand, storytelling and narrative around wealth creators has emerged as a real need in family legacy planning – and can help sustain wealth across multiple generations. A family’s history, captured on film or in print, passes on core values and history lessons that bind families together, especially in tough times.

A family story well-told provides inspiration for children and grandchildren. My partner Pattie has interviewed the biggest names in business, and concludes: “No great leader was born that way.” The real story of how parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents built a family’s prosperity invariably reveals how they overcame headwinds and doubts and difficult times along the way.

Message to future generations: You can, too!

That’s why we love interviewing our clients. Through hours of conversation, a life story emerges – of courage, compassion, resilience — and, yes, humor. We relish the craft of pulling all these moving parts into one compelling legacy story.

Inspiration for the ages. A story that endures.

We’d love to hear your input! Just send a message on our contact page.

Nina Easton