April 9, 2018

Why Career Risk is Worth It

by Pattie Sellers, Partner, SellersEaston Media

SellersEaston Media just turned two years old! If you want to know what we do (we tell your story), how we work (we create top-quality content on video/ film, digital, print, live events), and why we started SellersEaston (“You don’t need traditional media to tell your story anymore”), listen to my SellersEaston partner Nina Easton in this three-minute clip from the podcast, “She Said, She Said.”

Nina, who had been my Fortune colleague and partner in building Fortune’s Most Powerful Women franchise for more than a decade, talks in this smart and fascinating podcast about why she and I took a giant career leap to transfer our storytelling and interviewing expertise from Fortune to the private market—that is, for individuals and families, companies, and organizations. And now, as we mark our 2nd anniversary, SellersEaston is telling stories for an impressive variety of Fortune 500 giants, fast-growing startups, philanthropists, and global leaders—and producing a biopic about a Nobel Peace Prize-winning head of state.

“We took a big leap and a big risk, and we’re loving it,” says Nina. I could not agree more. Listen to the full podcast here.

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