How We Work

There are many ways to tell your story: on video, in print, online, and even on stage. The best approach for you will depend on how you want to tell it and who you want to reach. Our work begins with assessing what you want.

We then conduct research and interviews to produce a “story treatment”: an outline of your story and details about how best to present it. SellersEaston partners conduct in-person interviews with all the relevant subjects. You have full control over the process as well as the final product and its distribution.


Some individuals and companies value privacy above all. SellersEaston is all about discretion and confidentiality. We operate under a legally binding privacy agreement.


Our clients own and control the copyright.


Companies, foundations, and other groups may want their stories told via leadership interviews for controlled distribution—to be shown at employee functions, for example, or at events for partners or clients or other key stakeholders. Other clients—whether individuals, families, or organizations—want public distribution. We have the expertise to help you navigate the digital media universe in order to share your story broadly.


Our pricing varies, depending on the scope of your project. After initial conversations, we’ll assess what products are best suited to your needs. Then we’ll present for your consideration a proposed budget and timeline related to each step of the production.

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